About me

Let’s begin from my childhood: I was born in a little town with an imperial name, Augusta, on the east coast of Sicily, in 1973. When I was two, I lost my father in a car accident. I have no memory about him but, of course, his absence has been strongly “present” through all my life.

Immediately after that tragic event, my family and I we moved to Ancona, in the region of the Marche, on the east coast of Italy, following my grandfather who was a Colonel of The Marina Militare Italiana.

The sound of the sea is as important in my life as the sound of jazz, that my step-father always been played on piano. He taught me to listen to good music, the one with stories inside.

I love stories: to listen and to tell them, since I was a child.

I also love traveling and at the age of twenty-four, I first moved to London for few years and then to New York, where the impossible happened: I was offered a job in finance.

Maybe the Big Apple mood or the madness of the young age, I accepted. Nevertheless, the thousands tentacles of finance didn’t prevent me from going on exploring the endless lands of creativity and, after some training courses, I dedicated myself to photography, even if I still work in finance.

I was in New York, after all: an incomparable and never-ending set.

I love Street Photography, in particular, because it makes me feel more in tune with the invisible nature of things and people. There are not false poses nor false interpretations in it and it gives me back an intimate and deep view of anything my eye is able to catch.

I love the important life events, such as weddings, because it is in these occasions that our soul takes off the mask and revives in the expressions of faces captured by a click.

I love Aerial Photography, simply because I love the sky and looking at things from above. Observing the whole, you can capture interesting details.

I love Interior Photography because the spaces where we live tell something about us: who we are but also how we would like to be, what we like to share but also what we would like to keep secret. I love stories. That’s why I want to tell them.